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Authentic experiences start with a well-positioned brand. And it’s authentic experiences that customers gravitate towards the most, inspiring loyalty and even generating referrals—if you do it right. That’s where we come in. Get help designing and marketing your brand from the ground up with our team of creative experts.


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Big Drum Digital is a full-service, graphic design and branding, website development and marketing agency based in Northern California. We build memorable digital experiences tailored to each stage along the buyer journey, inspiring conversions and build stronger customer relationships.

Brand Design & Marketing Services

It’s no secret that a strong brand identity is the foundation of nearly any profitable business. Color palettes, iconography, typography, imagery— these are the key ingredients. And they must come together in a perfectly-balanced formula to make a memorable first impression. Thankfully, we consider ourselves masters in the visual brand identity ‘kitchen,’ boasting a team of talented in-house designers with years of experience transforming concepts and ideas into reality.

Once a core brand identity has been established, procedural guidelines must be put in place to make sure that the brand can change and evolve over time – without undergoing an identity crisis. Look, feel, mission, and tone of voice are clearly outlined in each brand style guide: These documents serve as a central resource for nearly every facet of business operations moving forward, from production to marketing and customer service.

Whenever we begin a project with a new client, we like to start out with a discussion about big-picture creative strategy. Based on your goals, target audience, and current competitive landscape, we’ll help you come up with effective messaging (an elevator pitch, if you will) that succinctly communicates your mission statement and value proposition to customers.

Whether you’re producing a handful of standalone newsletters or plan to distribute year-round direct mail pieces, publications, or reports, we have the design expertise. Create the type of print collateral your customers or stakeholders will want to engage with.

You need to nail the sales pitch, but you can’t do it without a presentation that sparks enthusiasm (and can capture wandering attention spans). We’ll collaborate directly with your sales team to put together the right set of visuals and talking points. S implifying  your message, secure buy-in, and motivate your audience to want to learn more.

Whether printed on a billboard or displayed on a screen, ads get your brand in front of more sets of eyes. Make those impressions count by trusting our team with the ideation, design, and execution of print and digital advertisements. We think outside the box to create catchy ads that speak to your brand’s core value propositions (with exactly the right audience in mind).

The spaces that your customers physical l y  enter set the tone for their experience in an entirely different way than, say, your website, or  your print advertisements. Large-format graphics and environmental displays need to be given special attention from a branding perspective—subtlety is key. Our trade show graphics convey both the information and the ambiance you want to get across.

Making your products stand out in an often-crowded retail sales environment isn’t as simple today as it once was. That’s why we put in the extra effort to create truly memorable, eye-catching displays and signage that customers won’t be able to glance over. From free-standing displays and floor graphics to end caps, window clings, shelf talkers and signage danglers, we’ve got your POS materials covered. 

We work with several highly-regarded printers in the California region and are proud to offer clients end-to-end print production management services. Our designers consult with printing professionals on paper, materials, and printing techniques to ensure every piece of in-print sales or marketing collateral (from brochures to posters, mailers, and newsletters) is executed to perfection.

Stock photos can only accomplish so much. And with multimedia content playing an increasingly important role in website rankings and visitor impressions, we’ve learned that killer images should never be underestimated. We’ll help you achieve a truly impactful look for your brand with custom photography and videography, managing the library creation process from initial concept to post-production.

Design & Development centered around the way you work.

We understand that not all companies are built the same. Whether you have a large Marketing department or Development team, or no team at all, we are here to fill in the gaps where needed. We’ll partner with you to ensure you get the results you need to succeed. We specialize in Creative & Development Management so you don’t have to. Our dedicated project managers provide a framework for working together, ensuring continuous strategic review, alignment and communication. Our creative & development services are delivered by a team of specialists – at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

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