Spotlight On Careers 

Branding and progressive web app for inspirational career catalog platform.

Spotlight On Careers showcases professional careers in multiple job sectors and pathways. Its goal is to inspire high school students and job seekers by providing salary information, job descriptions, and videos from people working in various jobs, telling their personal stories about the work they do. 


Our initial task was to develop the fundamental elements of the brand identity. This included designing an app icon that subtly suggests a spotlight, thereby reinforcing both the platform’s name and its concept of highlighting various career opportunities.

The color palette and duo-tone color scheme enhance its theatrical quality, effectively underscoring the concept of presenting professional information as if on a stage, under focused lighting.

App Design

In collaboration with the team behind Spotlight On Careers, we opted for a progressive web application (PWA) rather than a native app to expedite development, launch, and maintenance processes.

Our team meticulously designed and developed a fully responsive platform characterized by intuitive navigation through an extensive catalog of careers. The inclusion of distinctive and inspirational photography linked to each career pathway enhances visual identification and engagement.

The application is open-access, requiring no user account creation. Leveraging local storage technology, it allows users to save virtual sessions on their devices for bookmarking preferred job sectors, career paths, or educational institutions.

We integrated an API that dynamically updates the app with the latest salary data. Additionally, we incorporated a search feature using geolocation technology to provide users with information about nearby colleges where they can pursue their chosen careers. This approach ensures that all individuals have ready access to up-to-date career information and resources tailored to their geographical location.

Pitch Deck

Our team assisted the Spotlight On Careers initiative by developing a comprehensive pitch deck designed to demonstrate the platform’s significant impact and to facilitate funding for ongoing content creation and project maintenance. The presentation delivered an overview of the platform, including its user interface and core functionalities. It effectively highlighted how the app meets the specific needs of California Community Colleges by motivating student enrollment through showcasing diverse professional pathways available within the system.