Linked AG

Branding and progressive web app for tracking internships enrollment of college students in agriculture pathways.

LinkedAg is a pioneering platform designed to cultivate the agriculture community by bridging the gap between employers and local colleges. This initiative serves as an essential conduit for students seeking internship opportunities.

Our primary objective is to encourage student participation in internships, thereby enabling them to gain valuable experience prior to graduation.


Our team developed the brand identity of the platform by drawing inspiration from agriculture, nature, and technology.

The platform’s icon visually embodies a linkage derived from a leaf, symbolizing the integration of connectivity, community, and agriculture.

We also crafted an array of utility icons and user interface (UI) icons while defining a comprehensive color palette. These elements collectively support a cohesive design system that establishes a consistent visual language, thereby facilitating user familiarity with the interface and encouraging seamless adoption of the app.

The Platform

We designed and developed a user-centered app that guides users through the process of registering and applying for internships.

The app provides students with the opportunity to find internships specific to the pathways they are interested in and the areas they need. The information registered by the users helps filter and notify them of relevant opportunities.

We implemented an internship opportunities board fed by local employers who register on the platform, as well as a feedback feature that prompts students and employers to rate their experience weekly, ensuring a smooth process.

College representatives can use the platform to recommend internship opportunities to their students, helping them get a boost in their applications.

We also designed and developed a management platform for the LinkedAg team to track activity throughout the app, moderate internship opportunities, and communicate with all users by an internal messaging  system.